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What do you know about MADNESS?

2015-08-03 18:36:14 by llceSarll

Sooo, if you know, i am the member of  Eshio`s  Project: Infected Collab 2. And 2 parts of my cartoon will be done soon! This is my first collab, and this is strange, because i am the one of administrators of  Russian Madness community. But we have, that we have. 
But cartoon is not the only thing, that i must do. Now i make an art for Eshio`s collab, because,,,because i can. 
Somebody read this? Yes? Great. Sry for my English, Водка, Матрёшка, Балалайка. 


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2015-08-03 18:38:40

speak english pls. Joke :P Your art are awesome btw!


2015-08-03 19:36:17

Holy hell, you speak English pretty well actually o_o
I didn't except that at all!


2015-09-23 12:28:38

I Saw your parts on da Collab
you are someone peaceful who doesn't do violence
dis mean ur a gud guy <3

llceSarll responds:

And i saw your part. I remember Wolfenstein, when he takes a pipe)