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New Sehuj sprites

2016-01-31 10:19:09 by llceSarll

I have one thing in progress- new sprites of my character. For what? Well...old sprites was made in suffering, because i didn`t know how to draw in Flash. Kkots helped me to draw them in Flash. But now i know how to paint in this program (it`s still uncomfortable to me) and i can paint them. I think Kkots will help me again, because i will be  away from my PC very soon. Now i have only one foreshortening - front, and you can see the difference.4313767_145425280342_Sehuj.png

Man, u wanna arts, yeah?

2016-01-20 08:01:31 by llceSarll

Okay, as you all can see- i am an artist. And i have Deviantart, where you can see all my arts (not all, some of my arts you can see only here). U can see it, man, cmon-
Also i have 2 comics,  but...they are only on my language, and it`s hard to translate them. But one man translate one of my comics on english, and you can see them here- and here -
Join my army of insanity, be weird. AVE MARASMUS!              4313767_145329483542_ave.jpg

Combat knifes

2016-01-13 11:47:55 by llceSarll

So i made "Combat knife pack". I made it on 8 version of flash. You can use it, you welcome. Why? Just cause C: 
Download -

I wanna brake your legs, maaaan.

2015-10-29 18:50:52 by llceSarll

Sooo... i see, that some people always evaluate my arts no more than three. 
I'm not offended but... I will look for you, i will find you and i will kill you...
Because i`m a king, LEL.
Nice day, товарищи. 

Sooo, if you know, i am the member of  Eshio`s  Project: Infected Collab 2. And 2 parts of my cartoon will be done soon! This is my first collab, and this is strange, because i am the one of administrators of  Russian Madness community. But we have, that we have. 
But cartoon is not the only thing, that i must do. Now i make an art for Eshio`s collab, because,,,because i can. 
Somebody read this? Yes? Great. Sry for my English, Водка, Матрёшка, Балалайка.